For all of us Fridays
For all of us Fridays

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What's better than cracking tasty beverages and activating your brain cells? For the competitive, @MythicalKitchen whips up a tasty trivia night on YouTube.
How to join:
@MythicalKitchen are going live on their YouTube channel
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Fire Up

Can we all agree that 2020 was a pretty unlucky year? @Laura_Kampf is going to premier her new invention that brings a spark to the new year. Curious? You are not the only one! @AdamSavage will be making a guest appearance to check out this hot new invention!
How to join:
@Laura_Kampf is going live on her Youtube channel on 11th of December
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The Remote
Red Carpet

Looking for a reason to get dressed up again? Join our @secret_guests for a Remote Red Carpet live event on Instagram. Our amazing hosts will offer their stylish eye and fashionable critique of your most creative red carpet flair.
How to join:
Snap a photograph of yourself in your best outfit. Upload to Instagram using #ForAllOfUsFridays. Our @secret_guests will select their favourite styles and invite the lucky winners to join them in an Instagram Live event.
For all of us Fridays

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Let’s get funky! Tune in and watch @JacobCollier bring the funk with a live performance of his new #ForAllofUsFridays song featuring Nathan Davis Jr.
How to join:
@jacobcollier and @nathandavisjrndj went Live
on their TikTok at 8PM GMT - 3PM EST - 12PM PST
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Almost Home
For the Holidays

Are you up for a challenge? Lights. Camera. TikTok! Join @Elianaghen this week in creating the first ever TikTok Sitcom.
How to join:
@Elianaghen will be posting acting challenge videos to her TikTok all week.
To participate, simply duet her.
The best submissions will be stitched together and premiered on her TikTok channel in the first ever TikTok Sitcom.

Let's Hang Out this Friday

Remember how fun the weekends used to be? We made plans, got dressed up, and you know… actually did stuff. #ForAllofUsFridays brings the magic back to Fridays, and turns them back into a day where something truly exciting happens.

How it works

Each Friday, with the help of our hosts, Lenovo Yoga and Intel® Evo™ are offering an exclusive and original experience that give us what we’re really missing most. For the competitive, for the stylish, for the movie lovers... there’s really going to be something #ForAllofUs.

for all of us

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